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Matsutake, Worldgate, Hernden, VA October 31, 2015

Posted by hslu in China.
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This Japanese restaurant has been here in the Worldgate Shopping Center for years. This SC is a few miles from the Dulles Airport and is surrounded by many businesses doing contracting works for the federal government. Restaurant business here in Northern Virginia have been great as economies around Washington DC expanded with all the spending on Homeland Security and national defense.

Matsutake started to offer lunch buffet from a few years back probably because time has been tough since the financial crisis. We came for a late dinner after working with a real estate agent for several hours.


The restaurant is divided into two sections: a regular dining section and a slightly larger teppanyaki 鐵板燒section.



We went for the regular menu because teppanyaki is boring, expensive and an over-priced show.

We had calamari, sushi, teriyaki beef and roasted eel over rice.

The quality of the food was ordinary at best. The teriyaki beef was actually sub-par because it tasted bland with end-of-the-day, low quality and cheap vegetables. Calamari was okay without the dipping sauce. I have had much better sushi at other Japanese restaurants. Roasted eel over rice was over priced, tasteless and loaded with rice but not eel.






This would be the last time I came to this restaurant.


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