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Jimmy’s Old Town Tavern, Hernden, VA October 27, 2015

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Heard of this place for a long time and Yelp gave it pretty high marks too. Unfortunately we just didn’t find a good execuse to try it.

Until a few weeks ago when my 4Runner failed VA inspection at Hernden Sunoco on Elden Street.
My 16-year-old, 255,000-mile 4Runner needed a pair of rear shocks, new fog lights, adjustment to rear brakes and work on hand brake. It needed $700 and an over-night stay at the garage.

Jimmy’s was only two blocks away which gave us a perfect execuse to have a quick lunch there.





Good service with friendly smiles. Fairly decent bar food which was perfect with a cold beer. Greasy hamburger to share, crispy fries, BBQ wings and thick, hot and meaty chili with jalepino made our lunch so much more enjoyable.




Too bad my car was still waiting for parts and I needed to squeeze out $750 from somewhere to pay for it. In the mean time, I needed to get up early tomorrow to take my wife to work. The other car, a 15-year old CRV, passed the inspection after $150 damage to my pocket. It needed a new engine mount for the transmission.


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