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Biden may be in October 19, 2015

Posted by hslu in Election, Middle East, Obama.
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It has been widely reported that Biden will jump in to give Hillary a run of her bid to the WH.

The perpetual one foot in his mouth VP will run for the third Obama term and I am sure Biden received backing from Obama to run against Hillary. Everyone knows that Obama hates Hillary. She, along with Obama, is responsible for the Big mess in the Mid East and thousands of migrants flooding into Europe. It cascaded from the downfall of Libya and the removal and killing of Gaddafi.

Let the fun begin for the next 13 months.

Anyone but Clinton, male and female and I will take a Republican any day.

Let Democrat runs the U.S. into the toilet with more taxes on the middle class and more handouts to people who do nothing but collect welfare and benefits. Let’s run up the national debt and print more money until there is no way to pay It back. Let’s spend money on defense and waste taxes paid by the next generation.

Let the down fall of America started by Obama accelerates.



1. Stormy - May 19, 2017

Our world is really in trouble with the likes of Gates Jr. How sick can one really get? I don't doubt for the vibe of a second that Egeigwo's observations are exactly as good old Billy wishes it.


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