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Prelude of a proxy war October 5, 2015

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Obama’s Middle East policy is crumbling down in front of our eyes like a house of cards.

America wants to get rid of al-Assad and build a new nation first through the hands of US trsined rebels and then ISIS. Both strategies failed miserablly. The weaken al-Assad called Putin and Russia got a perfect excuse to ‘protect Russian national interest’ and send in heavy fire power recently.


Source: Fox News

Now, Russian jets are bombing US backed rebels instead of killing ISIS.


Source: Fox News

What will Obama do: back up rebels and fire back at Russian fighter jets or let Putin does what he wants which is standing up against the U.S. and extending Russian’s influence into Mideast?

I don’t think Obama has no option but to back down unless Obama wants a proxy war with Putin.

Super power?

What super power?

All I see is a deflated Obama playing 2nd fiddle on the world stage and a once mighty nation fading into old age because of diminishing influence in the world, heavy and growing national debt, weak economy, 10% U6 unemployment rate and more and more citizens working 2 or more jobs just to get by. In the mean time, huge military spending becomes less effective and drags down the back of the nation. Obama’s foreign policy and his view on America in the world only accelerate America’s eventual dimise.

百足之蟲 死而不僵。It will take some time. The history will mark Obama’s 8 years in WH as the pivotal point which marks the beginning of an end: the end of American’s hegemony.


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