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Wynn Steakhouse, Las Vegas October 3, 2015

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Wynn is famous for building luxury hotels and casinos in the world. Wynn Las Vegas was and still is an over-the-top and one of a kind casino on the Strip. When you visit Las Vegas, you need to see what it is like and, if possible, try a piece of steak at its award-winning Steve Wynn Steakhouse.

DSC03413 DSC03414 DSC03427

Since we were there for dinner, we couldn’t really see what the restaurant was like. I had to go to Wynn’s website to get a peek.


Source: Wynn.com


Source: Wynn.com

Before you walk into the steakhouse, you have to stop for a sew minutes and admire the lighting arrangement of the foyer because each and every one of these colorful and beautiful lights move up and down from the ceiling in a radon fashion.

DSC03410 DSC03411


DSC03396DSC03380 DSC03394 DSC03395 DSC03400 DSC03402 DSC03403We had:

A bottle of Etude Pinot Noir from the Carneros region in Sonoma Valley, California, A bowl of crab soup, Tuna Ceviche, A piece of Ribeye, Scallops and side orders of cream corn and roasted wild mushroom. For dessert, we had Creme Brulee.




DSC03382DSC03389DSC03385DSC03384DSC03383DSC03399DSC03398The steak was very juicy and other dishes were equally great except that we just couldn’t finish what we’ve ordered, We had to take some bread and creamy corn back to the hotel.






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