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Joel Robuchon, MGM Grand, Las Vegas October 3, 2015

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This was the second time we visited Robuchon’s  restaurants. The restaurant was still very impressive no wonder it continues to earn a 3-star rating from the Michelin Guide. To get a table here, you usually need at least a few weeks to get a reservation. Around holidays, you better make your reservation way ahead of your visit. The first time when we were here I bought my whole family. This time, just two of us showed up for the romantic dinner without a 電燈泡。

All I can say is this: come for the wonderful experience if you have money. Take your time and enjoy the occasion whether it is your anniversary or your love one’s birthday. Don’t be intimidated because the wait staff will do what they can to make you comfortable and help you make it a memorable experience. I don’t know French but the menu has English to help you decide what you like to have and for your budget. If you want more fancy stuff to go with the occasion, there are caviar, foir gras ($25) and truffe.

There are a variety of choices for wines from every regions of the world. If you see something that you like and can afford, by all means order that. If you don’t, ask the sommelier to help you. Tell him or her how much you want to spend and what your are ordering, they are good at help you make a wise decision. We ordered a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Cloudy Bay because we like the wine and it only set me back by $65 here. Coffee was expensive: $7.50 each. Bottled water will cost you $10. We also ordered Souffle ($15 more) because it was a very difficult dessert to make a good one.

Try it at once in your life time and enjoy it!



Front door


Just outside of the restaurant.



Four options at different prices.




Bread cart.


You can have as many bread as you care to eat. Don’t fill you up with bread. There are more dishes to come.


Whipped Butter and seasoned olive oil




Sugar and cream for the coffee.

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We got some wonderful dessert to take home.

We got some wonderful dessert to take home.



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