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The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas October 2, 2015

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I was told that Wynn’s buffet is the best in Las Vegas. Many (10?) years ago, I had buffet at the Bellagio’s and I considered it the best among its peers. The price tag: $54 per person; a hefty sum for a buffet at that time. Actually, a hefty sum at any time. Back then, Bellagio was THE casino in Las Vegas, and for that matter, the entire world. Las Vegas attracted gamblers from all over the world and it had become a mega for family vacation too. And Macau, no one had heard of it yet.


Well, since we were in Las Vegas for four nights, we had many opportunities to try different cuisines and sample a variety of fancy meals. Wynn’s buffet was one we have to try.


The casino was plush and beautiful and it gave us a warm feeling with the bright, saturated colors through out the gambling hall. The dining room at Wynn buffet was refreshing with pastel green and grayish tan colors. It also had live plants and flowers all over the place. The soothing ambiance made people relaxed and happy.




DSC03209DSC03227 DSC03259Walking around the serving stations, it seemed to me that Wynn put special emphasis on desserts while the rest of the buffet was just okay. It was no comparison to what I remembered at Bellagio’s buffet. Of course, at $28 a head, Wynn’s buffet was about half of what Bellagio charged many years ago; hence the difference.

DSC03222 DSC03223 DSC03232 DSC03234 DSC03235 DSC03236 DSC03237 DSC03243 DSC03246 DSC03247 DSC03255 DSC03256 DSC03257 DSC03260

Even though the selections weren’t that many and there were even fewer meat dishes, we nonetheless enjoyed the buffet very much.

DSC03216 DSC03221 DSC03234 DSC03249 DSC03252 DSC03253 DSC03254

The dining room was clean. The service was pleasant. The setting was neat. The lines were short. The ambiance was quite relaxed. The ingredients were fresh. The quality of the food was superior and the tastes were light but very enjoyable. My only complaint was there were too many desserts.

DSC03212 DSC03213 DSC03214 DSC03215 DSC03225 DSC03229





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