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Hello, socialism, here comes NY September 11, 2015

Posted by hslu in Economics, jobs.
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$15/hour minimum wage will push these people out of government’s welfare programs and…..


They will certainly make less than what they made before because they won’t qualify for food stamps, medicaid, free breakfast for their kids, free school lunch, rental assistance, home energy and utility bills assistance, transportation assistance, moving expenses, health and safety assistance, child care assistance and outright up-to-60-month cash assistance.

In the mean time, politicians will take credit for doing the ‘right thing’ for the 99%. They have to do it if they want to win their next elections. This is the essense of democracy.

Since the guys on the low end of the totem pole got a raise, whether they deserve it or not, the others will demand a raise too.

The restaurant owners have no choice but to raise the prices on their menu because they are not running a welfare program. But will their customers come back for more?

Some will not. Some will buy less. Some will go to neighboring states. As a result, some restaurants will close down and the guys who now make $15/hr will lose their jobs.

In the end, whom are they going to blame for going back to unemployment line?

What these people should do is to invest in themselves, work harder, stop vacation, don’t buy the 52 and use government subsidies to get a decent education or learn a skill. Move themselves up the ladder in the society and bring their families along with them. As such, they get their self esteem back and give their kids a ray of hope and a brighter future.



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