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Miso Restaurant, Annandale VA September 8, 2015

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We drove by this restaurant on Little River Turnpike in Annandale, Virginia  many times but have never thought about finding out what the restaurant was like. There are simply too many restaurants to choose from.

Well, we decided to see what it is like because Yelp gives it four stars.





The restaurant is a fusing Korean/Japanese restaurant gearing toward young Asians in Northern Virginia.

The restaurant was quite and the dining room was dimly lit. Business was slow becuase we got there a little after nine on a Saturday evening. All three waiters greeted us warmly and they look like young college students who are likely 2nd generation Koreans. Customers at three other tables were finishing up their meals and they were all in their late 20’s or early 30’s.

My wife have already checked Miso out on Yelp while I was driving and we knew what we want: deep fried shrimps with potato, a bowl of spicy ramen and pork chop combo/udon.

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The tail-on shrimp and potato slices were wrapped by either rice noodles 粉絲 or cellophane noodles, which is vermicelli made from mung bean starch. It looked rather unique but the shrimp itself wasn’t properly seasoned. You need to dip it in the mayo based sauce to get any flavor.





The deep fried pork chop was okay but not particularly special. It tastes somewhat bland but a wine and vinegar based sauce was provided. You also get rice, a small bowl of udon and a cabbage salad.

The broth of the spicy ramen was a little too spicy for my wife. She ate the noodles and I finished most of the pork bone based soup and mushrooms. Nothing special either probably because the spiciness of the soup masked the flavor of the broth. Two slices of pork meat aren’t too bad though.

I don’t think we’ll go back to miso anymore. besides, it ain’t cheap either: ramen is $14, at least 40% more expensive than a bowl of 牛肉麪。




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