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FiFi 茶酒沙龍,臺北信義區 September 7, 2015

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A friend of ours took us to this seemly high class restaurant for dinner. It is located on the 2nd floor of a popular building in 臺北’s 信義區, arguably the most expensive district in the city of Taipei; for that matter, the most expensive in Taiwan. Even though the restaurant has a western style name, it actually serves authentic Chinese cuisine. That’s kind of strange to me. What‘s wrong with names like 一條龍, 369,醉月樓, 大三元?I guess FiFi is trying to attract the younger crowd who has money and desire to spend it.

20131118_18340920131118_184415 20131118_184428 20131118_184552

It was a Friday evening and several of our friend’s family members came after work to join us for dinner. There were a couple of kids too. We occupied a mid-sized party room away from the busy dining room. A couple of serves were assigned to serve us. We were comfortable and quite relaxed. The room wasn’t very big but quite adequate for the ten of us. Since we were guests, I didn’t have to worry about what to order because our host took care of it while we were chatting with other guests.

Our host ordered a lot of food but we just couldn’t finish them.

20131118_185949 20131118_190022 20131118_190457 20131118_190500 20131118_190536 20131118_190905 20131118_191014 20131118_191303 20131118_192131 20131118_192352 20131118_201346

I have to admit that the quality of my photos weren’t very good but the taste of these dishes weren’t very good either. They certainly weren’t worth the prices paid by our host.

As for me, I will not come to this restaurant any more because I can get the same or better quality food at much cheaper restaurants around 忠孝復興捷運 station。



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