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What will Chinese government learn? August 17, 2015

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The tragedy of the massive chemical explosion at Tianjin is a terrible price to pay for the Chinese government to learn a lesson.

Source: 蘋果日報網站。

Source: 蘋果日報網站。

The human sacrifice and suffering were enormous. The damage to the environment by the initial powerful blast and the follow-up pollution will be difficult to calculate. The recovery will take time, possibly a long time.

And what will Chinese government learn from this tragedy?

Will the dead and injured be fairly compensated by the people or organizations responsible for the explosion?

Will the break down of hazardous material regulation be corrected?

Will the persons or organization responsible for this explosion be charged and punished for the crime?

Will the environmental damage be monitored and corrected?

Will the Chinese government allow the clean up be reported truthfully?

If not, the Chinese people will lose faith to Xijinping and his ability to lead China to a better dream in the near future, a dream anticipated by many Chinese people all over the world.

Over the past several decades, the world has suffered several major industrial accidents: Russian’s Chernobyl nuclear disaster, American’s Three Mile Island nuclear “meltdown,” the India Bhopal gas tragedy operated by Union Carbide, Exxon’s Valdez oil spill, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in GoM, Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster, American’s gold mine toxic waste release by EPA and China’s Tianjin chemical explosion. Although the level of damage and number of death and injured of the Tianjin blast are lower than those of other bigger and more damaging industrial accidents, the Internet and social media made this accident instant news all over the world.

What Chinese government and Xijinping do in the next few weeks will be under close scrutiny by Chinese people, social media and news media all over the world. Although the accident was terrible indeed, what comes next will be even more critical for Chinese government and Xijinping.

We will know what they learn from this tragedy in a few weeks and months.

Native Foods, Falls Church, Virginia August 17, 2015

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Out of curiosity we came to this restaurant and see what it was about. Well, I didn’t know it was a vegan restaurant until it was too late. If you are not into vegan, please avoid it.

Apparently, it has two  other locations in DC. The Falls Church location is the only one in the state of Virginia.


Guacamole was great but I had a lot better salsa before. Chips were good but we need more of it for the price we paid.


Don’t bother to try this. It was bad: lousy presentation, bad combination, too much beans and the sauce was terrible. It was way too over-priced. Stay away.

20150804_135531 20150804_135544 20150804_135838

Viet Festival, Tysons Corner Shopping Center, VA August 16, 2015

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We saw the display about the 3-day Viet Festival at Tysons Corner SC as we walked out of the shopping center after our dinner at T.G.I.F. the other night and decided to come by Saturday for some Vietnamese food and joyful festivity.


I believe it is the first time ever that a festival of this nature was held here at the new Plaza of the popular Tysons corner SC. It started on Friday and will continue until Sunday evening. The sign did say 4th annual Viet Fest but I didn’t know where the festival was held before.

The sun was out but it was a bit hot. Temperature was in the high 80’s in the early afternoon.  Lots of people got to the Plaza earlier than we did and a crowd has already gathered before we arrived.


They were getting ready for the big show which reminded me of what my son used to do when he was with 峨眉武術。


Some of these food vendors have already started serving customers when we got thereat 11 am。


We met Sang Yi at the festival and chatted with him for a while. I asked him about Virginia tilting towards blue in recent years and his candidacy as a Republican representative. He is a Korean and seeks to represent district 37 which is basically central Fairfax County; he told me.


She’s the host of the ceremony. We also saw Maryland Live everywhere because it was the official sponsor.


The young lady was leading the lion dance teams to the main stage.


There was no doubt that it was a hot day. Temperature must be near 100 by the grill. See the turkey legs? Haven’t had it for years. I bet my kids remember it too.


The main stage where they had the official ceremony.


There were a lion dance, line up of gentlemen in uniforms and ladies in Vietnamese costume, an official ceremony which was interrupted by power outage on the stage, political election booths, volunteer organizations, Vietnamese cultural organizations and food stands. Oh, there was the presence of Maryland Live, a casino about 35 miles away on I-95 between Baltimore and Washington DC, everywhere we go. It appeared to me that the festival was sponsored by Maryland Live which makes sense because casinos desperately need Asians to survive.

It was fun and we came across an interesting food that we haven’t had for many years: turkey leg. It was well seasoned and it reminded us the good old days when we were in Carrollton and Plano, Texas. We used to take kids to Texas Fair which was held at the Cotton Ball stadium every September. One of the items we always get was Turkey leg.

20150815_13081420150815_130519 20150815_130651

Time passed by quickly but we still remember those days when we roamed the Texas Fair ground walking from one building to the next and trying out various kinds of food.

Tofu Competition in Annandale? August 16, 2015

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Not too fast!

I thought Lighthouse Tofu in Annandale has a competition when I saw the ad of Mr. Tofu House and BBQ on a local Chinese newspaper.

Of course, we have to check it out.

20150812_20322620150812_203352 20150812_203756 20150812_203806 20150812_204234 20150812_204637 20150812_212508

Well, I think Lighthouse doesn’t have to worry about the competition just yet.

For one thing, the seafood tofu stew we ordered was a disappointment. The broth was bland and lack of taste. The seafood was fishy and the batter for the seafood pancake had too much water.




The cold tofu dish was second rate which I would not recommend.

20150812_204331 20150812_205022

We did like the multiple choices of banchan and we had the best Japchae that we have ever had.


T. G. I. Fridays, Tysons Corner I August 16, 2015

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In recent years, every time we went to T.G.I. Fridays at Tysons Corner Shopping Center, we were given a menu that’s a little different from what we got last time whenever that last time was. With wholesale food prices going up seemly every week, food cost has been a big concern for every restaurant big or small. Some restaurants had no way to pass on the cost to their customers because of competition or other reasons while others could. T.G.I. Fridays belongs to the latter.

For instance, the $7.95 All American stacked a few years back has gone up to more than $11 at this Tysons Corner Shopping Center store on the third floor that we go to often. When a new menu comes out, it will add 25 cents to one, 40 cents to the other, drop out unpopular dishes, add a couple of new dishes and change the line up on its Pick 2 and Pick 3 items. That’s how restaurants like T.G.I.F. keep making money while Mom and Pop restaurants struggle to stay in business on shrinking margins.

We always sit outside at a high top so that we can see people walking by and be seen by hundreds of people walking by us. The food is good. The beer is great. The ambiance is vibrant. The crowd is nice. The service can be erratic on Fridays and Saturdays but acceptable most of the time. Most customers were young and very few are in our age group. But heck, we have been to almost every restaurants at Tysons Corner SC but like T.G.I.F. the most.



Our usual orders are: a pick 2; an appetizer and an entree, or pick 3; an appetizer, an entree and a dessert, a hamburger and a couple of beers. And we were disappointed last Friday.

20150813_21161620150813_212115 20150813_212337 20150813_212343 20150813_212825

The pre-season opening game between Red Skins and Browns were okay though.

Democracy runs amok August 12, 2015

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Obama shoveled the (not so) Affordable Care Act down Americans’ throats despite opposition from majority of Americans.

Obama was able to push the unpopular law through the Congress because Democrat had the White House, super majority on Senate and owned the House.

Democracy was pushed aside and the voice of the majority was ignored.

This was Democracy American style.

Obama isn’t alone in the display of his arrogance and he’s a first rate copycat in Asia.

Abe rammed through the unpopular ‘arming the Japanese military’ law or ‘Article 9’ of the Japanese Constitution through the ‘National Diet’ because Abe owns the lower house and controls the upper house after a snap election.


Poll showed that a majority of Japanese people are against the law. But, to hell with people’s wish, this Is Democracy at work:manipulated by politians.

This law, once passed, will allow Japanese jets to fly with American’s F-22 and later F-35 all over the world depending on how Japan interpret the law.

I believe America encourages this because the U. S. Desperately needs help. To the U.S., NATO nations are poor partners and they can’t Do anythin. Putin is giving them enough problems already. Beside, the Cold War against China has just begun and Japan is a willing partner.

The problem for the U.S. and Japan Is that they both live in the poor house and have to print money to pay bills until cows come Home.

Donald Trump August 12, 2015

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Republican Party needs someone to whip it into shape.


Donald Trump carries a whip.

美國EPA幹的好事 August 12, 2015

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The yellow color Is caused by toxic waste from a gold mine. EPA released the waste material by mistake. It Is still flowing downstream and will reach Lake Powell in Utah in a few days.


Where is the outrage from the tree huggers?

美國EPA幹的好事 August 12, 2015

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The yellow color Is caused by toxic waste from a gold mine. EPA released the waste material by mistake. It Is still flowing downstream and will reach Lake Powell in Utah in a few days.


Where is the outrage from the tree huggers?

蔣經國在墳墓裡翻身 August 12, 2015

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