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Why is the U.S. messing around with S. Sudan? August 31, 2015

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What are the real reasons behind the United State’s involvment in the domestic politics of S. Sudan?


Source: BBC website.

Is CIA working behind closed doors to over turn the current S. Sudan government because Obama wasn’t impressed by the current leadership?

Or was it because the current government didn’t give a damn about what America wants?

Is the U.S. doing the necessary background work to ‘build a nation’ in the African continent?

Is Obama starting another front to divert world’s attention away from his ‘doomed from the start’ Iran nuclear policy? Is Obama tired of people calling him out on his failed Middle East foreign policy?’ Is Obama picking on S. Sudan because it, unlike ISIS, is an easy target to deal with?

The American peoole have absolutely no say on how America’s president conducts his foreign policy. Countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Phillippine, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel and a few others in central America have suffered from America’s involvement in the past. The negative impact on these countries have been deep and painful. American people also suffer through high national debt, death to thousands of Amirucan soldiers and direct attackS big and small on American soil.

When will American people wake up and make U.S. presidents, past and present, accountable for his decisions and actions in the office?

While we are at it, let’s lump the Senators and Congressmen and congress women accountable for their votes in the office?

As of now, tlAmerican presidents did what they did and they always get away from their bad judgements. American people just

This is simply not fair. The status quote must be changed.

Is S. Sudan the first in the African continent?



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