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What will Chinese government learn? August 17, 2015

Posted by hslu in China.
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The tragedy of the massive chemical explosion at Tianjin is a terrible price to pay for the Chinese government to learn a lesson.

Source: 蘋果日報網站。

Source: 蘋果日報網站。

The human sacrifice and suffering were enormous. The damage to the environment by the initial powerful blast and the follow-up pollution will be difficult to calculate. The recovery will take time, possibly a long time.

And what will Chinese government learn from this tragedy?

Will the dead and injured be fairly compensated by the people or organizations responsible for the explosion?

Will the break down of hazardous material regulation be corrected?

Will the persons or organization responsible for this explosion be charged and punished for the crime?

Will the environmental damage be monitored and corrected?

Will the Chinese government allow the clean up be reported truthfully?

If not, the Chinese people will lose faith to Xijinping and his ability to lead China to a better dream in the near future, a dream anticipated by many Chinese people all over the world.

Over the past several decades, the world has suffered several major industrial accidents: Russian’s Chernobyl nuclear disaster, American’s Three Mile Island nuclear “meltdown,” the India Bhopal gas tragedy operated by Union Carbide, Exxon’s Valdez oil spill, BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill in GoM, Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster, American’s gold mine toxic waste release by EPA and China’s Tianjin chemical explosion. Although the level of damage and number of death and injured of the Tianjin blast are lower than those of other bigger and more damaging industrial accidents, the Internet and social media made this accident instant news all over the world.

What Chinese government and Xijinping do in the next few weeks will be under close scrutiny by Chinese people, social media and news media all over the world. Although the accident was terrible indeed, what comes next will be even more critical for Chinese government and Xijinping.

We will know what they learn from this tragedy in a few weeks and months.


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