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Viet Festival, Tysons Corner Shopping Center, VA August 16, 2015

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We saw the display about the 3-day Viet Festival at Tysons Corner SC as we walked out of the shopping center after our dinner at T.G.I.F. the other night and decided to come by Saturday for some Vietnamese food and joyful festivity.


I believe it is the first time ever that a festival of this nature was held here at the new Plaza of the popular Tysons corner SC. It started on Friday and will continue until Sunday evening. The sign did say 4th annual Viet Fest but I didn’t know where the festival was held before.

The sun was out but it was a bit hot. Temperature was in the high 80’s in the early afternoon.  Lots of people got to the Plaza earlier than we did and a crowd has already gathered before we arrived.


They were getting ready for the big show which reminded me of what my son used to do when he was with 峨眉武術。


Some of these food vendors have already started serving customers when we got thereat 11 am。


We met Sang Yi at the festival and chatted with him for a while. I asked him about Virginia tilting towards blue in recent years and his candidacy as a Republican representative. He is a Korean and seeks to represent district 37 which is basically central Fairfax County; he told me.


She’s the host of the ceremony. We also saw Maryland Live everywhere because it was the official sponsor.


The young lady was leading the lion dance teams to the main stage.


There was no doubt that it was a hot day. Temperature must be near 100 by the grill. See the turkey legs? Haven’t had it for years. I bet my kids remember it too.


The main stage where they had the official ceremony.


There were a lion dance, line up of gentlemen in uniforms and ladies in Vietnamese costume, an official ceremony which was interrupted by power outage on the stage, political election booths, volunteer organizations, Vietnamese cultural organizations and food stands. Oh, there was the presence of Maryland Live, a casino about 35 miles away on I-95 between Baltimore and Washington DC, everywhere we go. It appeared to me that the festival was sponsored by Maryland Live which makes sense because casinos desperately need Asians to survive.

It was fun and we came across an interesting food that we haven’t had for many years: turkey leg. It was well seasoned and it reminded us the good old days when we were in Carrollton and Plano, Texas. We used to take kids to Texas Fair which was held at the Cotton Ball stadium every September. One of the items we always get was Turkey leg.

20150815_13081420150815_130519 20150815_130651

Time passed by quickly but we still remember those days when we roamed the Texas Fair ground walking from one building to the next and trying out various kinds of food.



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