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成龍 Seafood Restaurant, Chantilly, Virginia August 3, 2015

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This 成龍 has no relation to that 成龍. I am sure of it because if the real 成龍 was to open a Cantonese restaurant, he won’t choose this shopping center and he won’t choose Chantilly either. This Cantonese restaurant uses the famous movies star’s name to attract customers’ attention.

Jackey Cafe

Jackey Cafe

Well, it got our attention and we went to this new restaurant for Dim Sum on a Sunday about a month ago. It looked just like any Cantonese restaurant that we have been to: about 30 tables of various sizes, roughly 120 seats and a roasting station in the back with roast ducks, pork and chickens hanging


We ordered our usual dim sum dishes, stirred fried rice noodles with beef, egg custards and steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. They were all very good: authentic, tasty, fresh and hot off the pushing carts. The staff was courteous and helpful. There were a couple young students helping out with orders , water and tea.

The restaurant probably needs some more time to spread its names around because this new restaurant desperately needs more customers.

Chinese poem used as decoration on table top. The simplified Chinese just doesn't look right.

Chinese poem used as decoration on table top. The simplified Chinese just doesn’t look right.

I also like to see it succeeds because it is the only dim sum restaurant in this area other than one in Drainsville about 10 miles away.





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