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Milkyway-2 is No.1 July 27, 2015

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6/2013, 11/2013, 6/2014 and 11/2014.

Those were the times when Milkyway-2, or 天河-2, were named the fastest supercomputer in the world according to TOP500. And in June 2015, it is still no. 1 in the world.



Remember CRAY? They are still around. It is no. 2 at 1/2 the speed of Milkyway-2’s. Titan Is the name.

Hmmm…, where Is IBM at?
It is at no. 3 position and is called Sequoia.

China’s plan to double Tianhe-2’s speed was put on hold because the U.S. government declined Intel’s export license for more CPUs To China.

The result?

China believed that the central processing technology is so critical to China’s national security that China will develop its own to compete with industry heavy weights such as Intel, TI and and AMAT.

Talk about cause and consequence on the world level.

We will see what China can achieve in 3 to 5 years.



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