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China’s fight against Japan will continue July 27, 2015

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This Yahoo article is a fair assessment of the animosities between China and Japan and Korea and Japan.

“Why Asia is still fighting over World War II”


For a detailed description of Japanese past aggression against China, from the First Sino-Japanese War (甲午戰爭) in 1894 where most war was fought in Korea, resulting in the annexation of Korea by Japan and Japan’s occupation of Taiwan to 918 Incident (九一八事變) in 1931 which led to the Japanese occupation of northeastern China (Manchuria) to the Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937 to 1945, known to us as 八年抗戰, the following websites provide facts about the subject:

  1. http://www.cnd.org/mirror/nanjing/NMchron.html (English)
  2. http://www.zwbk.org/zh-tw/Lemma_Show/220595.aspx (中文)

Japan has long sought to erase this past aggression against China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and the U.S. from Japanese’s text books and current PM, Abe, against majority of Japanese people’s opposition, is trying to change Japan’s 70-year old pacifist constitution which prohibit Japanese military from engaging in any forms of military intervention in foreign conflicts where Japanese allies are being attacked, e.g., Middle East.



Abe’s actions have incited  fresh pains and raised old wounds among citizens of China and Korea. But, I am confident that Japan is no longer a threat to China no matter how Abe changes Japan’s constitution because Japan is on the brink of collapse economically.

With a national debt of 226% of its GDP and an annual federal deficit of around 40% of its budget, Japan will soon be buried under the weight of the debt. With declining population and a generation of younger Japanese experiencing nothing but recession for their entire adult lives, Japan under Abe is digging a deeper grave for Japan if he wants to increase Japan’s military outlays. Let Japan soldiers fight a war along with American GI’s and we’ll see what ordinary Japanese think this action and changed constitution will bring them.

Japan has been shielded from military conflict for the past 70 years after the United States dropped two atomic bombs on two Japanese cities. The island country has enjoyed fast economic growth post WWII because they practically didn’t have to spend anything on military. With a fast aging (and shrinking) population, Japan should focus its national attention on economic revival. Instead, Abe is leading Japanese to a road with no hope and no future.

Japan has lost two decades after the Plaza Accord was signed in 1985 which led to the collapse of Japanese real estate and stock markets. Do Japanese citizens want another lost decade under Abe? I am afraid that they are living it and they don’t have a choice.




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