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洪秀柱的 ”民粹“ 是什麼? July 20, 2015

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1.    台灣民主有走向民粹的氛圍

2.    政治人物害怕選票流失,不敢堅持正确的政策,這些對社會大眾也產生了負面影響;

3.    房价高了、薪資低了、貧富不均了

4.    社會的价值觀也在改變,道德人心也不如以往了。


我不知道民粹是啥意思,結果在網路上查到“民粹” 就是 Populism 的意思。

According to Wikipedia, “Populism” is commonly defined as:

“the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite.”

In recent years, academia defined populism as

“an ideology that pits a virtuous and homogeneous people against a set of elites and dangerous ‘others’ who are together depicted as depriving (or attempting to deprive) the sovereign people of their rights, values, prosperity, identity, and voice”.

Source: Wikipedia



  1. 國民黨總統候選人提名是經過“民調”的高低來決定的。在眾多的民調裏,洪秀柱比其他幾個國民黨的 privileged elite ;王金平,吳敦義,郝龍斌,朱立倫,等等要 popular。她從民調中脫穎而出纔能在今天成為國民黨的總統候選人。換句話來說,洪秀柱受到 common people 的愛護,她就應該爲 common people 謀福利才對。
  2. 如果洪秀柱決得民粹的基本精神有差錯,那國民黨的總統候選人提名就應該由國民黨的 privileged elite 來決定。
  3. 如果洪秀柱反對民粹的基本精神,那她就是要為少數的精英謀利了。換句話來說,洪秀柱覺得國民黨應該回到少數人獨攬大權,重新實行一黨專政爲社會上的少數人做事了。







1. anniepani - July 20, 2015

The Chinese is too advanced for me. Populism is an interesting word, in western democracies it’s almost always used in a pejorative sense. There’s always an implication that populists are falsely promising something they can’t, or have no intention of , delivering. I think it is often used unfairly.


2. hslu - July 22, 2015

Populism has a bad connotation in American politics too。


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