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Here it comes! July 7, 2015

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Saudi’s government money is coming to Russia! Saudi’s sovereign wealth fund, Public Investment Fund, will invest $10 billion in Russia over the next five years. It is a game changer as far as American Middle East foreign policy is concern.

First of all, Saudi’s money comes to Russia despite western economic embargo engineered by Obama and EU leaders after Russia entered Crimea. In essence, it is a slap on Obama’s face whether he admits it or not.

Saudi for the past 35 years has been in American’s back pocket working closely with American presidents on working as a swing oil producer to stabilize world oil price, sales of American’s advance weapon to Saudi, and popping up the Saudi royal family. This relationship continued for the best part of the past 3 decades and the friendship has more or less been beneficial to both countries.

Then came Obama who, being a closet Muslim, decided to appease to Arab nations and adopted this as the central tenet of his Middle East foreign policy. In this regard, Obama disparaged Israel and belittled Netanyahu as if Obama was sympathetic to what Muslims had to endure what this nation has done to Arabs. I don’t think he gained any friends but he has certainly lost an ally.

Obama fulfilled his campaign promise and satisfied Democrat’s liberal base by pulling American troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan because American are tired of wars, the U.S. can’t afford it anymore and Muslims do not want infidels in Muslim’s territories. Obama used American’s tax money to equip Iraqi troops and left American advisors to train Iraqi soldiers to defend their own country. However, these soldiers don’t want to die and don’t want to fight. This total failure on the part of American foreign policy created a vacuum and helped ISIS grew to a formidable force it is right now. Obama has failed to recognize the threat of ISIS and it created the mess the Middle East is in.

Obama failed to support Egypt’s Mubarak and let him became a prisoner of the new Egyptian region. Obama failed to support Morsi despite the fact that he was the president elected by Egyptian people.

Obama continued economic embargo on Iran but failed to stop Iranian’s aggression to develop a nuclear weapon program. In the end, Obama recognized that it is inevitable that Iran will be a nuclear nation and decided to negotiate with them.

In the midst of all this, what can Saudi’s royal family do especially after the death of King Abdullah? Can Saudi’s royal family continue to trust Obama as a loyal friend when they need help to support its rule over Saudi people?

Apparently, the answer is “NO.”

Now the door to Russia is open, it won’t be closed anytime soon. Putin will open his arms to welcome Saudi princes whenever they want to come for a visit or vacation.

Obama still has a year and half in the White House. He made Putin and Xi good partners. He will make sure Putin and Saudi Prince become good friends well after Obama collects his life time pension from American people.


1. anniepani - July 19, 2015

C’mon I had a good laugh and nearly fell off my chair at the thought of Obama as a closet Muslim! Obama has just been trying to extricate America as much as possible from foreign conflicts and wind down the tensions in certain regions. Obama will be aware of the powerful forces that are both pushing and dragging America into an invasion of Iran. I think he will fail. Invasion, or at least full scale military conflict with Iran is almost certain once he’s gone. Too many people want it.


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