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China Bistro乃媽媽水餃也 June 30, 2015

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I can’t think of any connection between China Bistro and 媽媽水餃 but they are in fact one Chinese restaurant in located in Rockville, MD.





It is a small restaurant with about 15 tables and several appetizers on the menu are on display in a deli case.

Of course the specialty of the restaurant is 水餃, or dumplings. There are at least 10 varieties on the menu. They also have noodles and a good numbers of Chinese stir fried dishes. Lunch specials have about 20 items which are priced around $7.50 each.

We ordered a plate of 媽媽水餃 for about $10, a cold noodle and a bowl of fish and Chinese green veggie plus 2 appetizers: boiled peanuts and marinated dry bean curds.


Both are nicely done: peanuts are seasoned with Chinese spices such as 5 spices and anise. Dry bean curd is chewy.


Very spicy and somewhat numming. Goid sauce with some sweetnesd in the end.


12 to an order. Hand made. Great with soy sauce.


Pork, shrimp and Chinese cabbage.


Silky smooth and very tasty.

We will come back for sure.


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