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台灣食:不安 June 29, 2015

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Ever since the early 1990’s, dry goods, cans and packaged food items imported from China have filled the shelves at local Korean and Chinese supermarkets all over the United States. Things made in Taiwan disappeared from the shelves as soon as stuff made in China became available.

The ubiqitous of things that were ‘Made in China’ presented us with a dilemma.

Many times when we shopped we had to decide on the spot whether to buy the cheaper Chinese products or visually more appealing packages made in Taiwan.

Of course, we constantly worried about food safety and we took for granted that ‘Made in Taiwan’ stood for superior quality and safety when compared to stuff ‘Made in China’.

We are very comfortable eating stuff imported from Taiwan because in our minds we believed:

Taiwan is a ‘developed’ country,
Taiwan is a more advanced society,
Taiwan is cleaner,
Taiwan is happier place,
Taiwan is governed by law,
Taiwan is more ‘health concious,’
Taiwan is richer thus it can afford higher quality food, and
Taiwan is where we grew up.

As a result, the sense of ‘belonging’ make buying ‘Made in Taiwan’ an easy decision.

Well, we were cheated by the ‘Made  in Taiwan’ symbol because Taiwan isn’t that great as far as food safety is concern.  Worse yet, the recent news reports discovered that this kind of misconducts by many greedy merchants had happened for a long time in many aspects of the food industry:








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