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What the Liberals will do to win votes April 8, 2015

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Americans in general do not save much of their take home pays. Some even put nothing into their 401(k)s because they have more important priorities in life.

They live to enjoy life first.

They buy 65″ flat TVs to watch Superbowl games in their basements home theaters. They book vacations for them and their families as if it is a required activity on a semi-annual or annual basis. They buy big and fancy cars to elevate their social status without considering that cars are depreciating assets. They rent instead of buying a house, a townhouse or condo because they don’t have down pay.

Retirement? Ha! Still too early to mess around with that.

And what the liberals will do to alleviate this bad behavior?

Instead of advocating a mandatory saving rate to their 401(k)s for the masses or promote the virtue of saving early for raining days, they tax others to reward instant gratification instead.

Tax and spend. Tax and spend. When will this end?

The answer is:

it will never end in the United States because without the tax money, the politicians, especially the liberals, can’t buy votes with the money we paid to the government. And without tax money they can’t get re-elected.

Are you; the ones who voted Democrats and Obama, ready to pay to your nose to support the seniors to live their lives? You did it to yourselves; remember?

The real objective of democracy is to keep the politicians in power so that they can serve their own interests instead of voters!

Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, once Great Britain, Japan and now America. These are the victims of Democracy; the political system advocated by the biggest failure of its own medicine: The United States.

Just wait until the US dollar cease to be the reserve currency of the world.

Yeah! Expand the social security so that the seniors today can get paid more. I have no objection. Millions of seniors will like it.

The Gen X’s; The Y’s; The Millennials; The boomerang generation; The Peter Pan generationThe undocumented Latinos or whatever. Don’t save. The government will take care of you to your graves.

But remember this and remember this well: No matter what the terms will be, the debts or the consequence created by the debt, will be paid by you one day.

I will enjoy life while waiting for a fatter social security check in the mail.

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