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Obama sold Israel to Iran April 3, 2015

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Obama to Iran: ‘You want centrifuges, you can keep your centrifuges.’

Obama to Iran: ‘You want nuclear facilities, you can keep your nuclear facilities.’

Obama to Iran: ‘You want sanctions lift, you can sell your crude oil.’

Obama to Iran: ‘You want nuclear weapons, you can have them later. Just wait until I leave the WH.’

Obama to Israel; ‘Iran is not the problem. Israel’s policy is the problem.’

Obama to Saudi King and princes: ‘You want nuclear capabilities, you talk to GE. We’ll build nuclear facilities for you and we can get them started before summer. You get rich. We get to control your nation’s destiny.’

Obama to American people: ‘Everything is peachy. There is nothing to worry about. Israel is a big boy. It can deal with its own problem.’

Obama to Netanyahu; ‘Screw you, you SOB.’

Netanyahu to Israeli military: ‘We will bomb the hell out of them.’

Carter signed a nuclear treaty with North Korea. North Korea became a nuclear nation while treaty was still in effect.’

Obama signs a nuclear treaty with Iran. Iran will have nuclear bombs in a few years.’


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