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To Soc Chon, Annandale, Virginia February 12, 2015

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Yelp led us to this Korean restaurant about a month ago in a cold and windy evening in the middle of January. We thought that a hot-pot of tofu or something like that would be exactly what we needed.

It is hidden in the back of the strip shopping center for Il Mee Korean buffet restaurant. We chose To Soc Chon because we thought if a restaurant can survive the onslaught of a buffet restaurant, it has to offer something a Korean wants to come back for.

We were right.

Usually we’d have tofu, seafood pancake and Korean BBQ but we decided to order something that we seldom chose at a Korean restaurant. The waitress didn’t understand English. The menu didn’t offer enough description for us to pick the right dish. We went to the board and point to the dishes we want and here are what we had. Go check it out yourself.

After our meal, we went to Shilla Bakery in the same shopping center very popular with young Koreans and people like us who wanted to 沾點熱鬧氣.


This big menu board divides the big restaurant into two sections. No decoration. No ambiance. Dark-colored wooden chairs and tables. Concrete floor.

Heavy duty pig feet dish completed with skin and bones. Chum Churum is a Korean soju made by Lotte. Chum Churum means “like the first time” or “pure” in Korean.


Bulgogi hot pot. The soup was a little too sweet for us.

Bulgogi hot-pot with rice cake or 年糕 in Chinese. The soup was a little too sweet for us.

From Shilla Bakery

From Shilla Bakery



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