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The demography omen January 9, 2015

Posted by hslu in Economics, Retirement.
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J.C. Penny will close 40 stores.

Macy’s will close 14.

Wet Seal will cloe 330 shops.

Deb Shops will close 300 shops.

Delia will close all its stores.

Aeropostale will close 120 stores, higher than 40 or 50 it had originally planed. It will also close 125 of its P. S. stores.

Sears will close 235 stores.

RadioShack is trying to close 1100 shops.

Target will close 11 stores.

And what about all those empy K-Marts? May of them will be closed sooner rather than later

On-line shopping is one problem.

Another factors is the senios who are retiring by the thousands everyday.

It is really simple: when you get old, you don’t buy stuff. You give them away. You moved to a smaller place. You throw away the junk you ha accumulated over the last 30 to
50 years.

It’s e demography, stupid.


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