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Honey Pig, Centrrville VA January 3, 2015

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Picked up my wife at work and then drove 5 miles to have a late dinner here.

We bravely went to something we  have never ordered before at a Korean restaurant: Jap chae. To me it is not that much different from rice noodle or mung bean noodle. Of course their textures are different and they have distinct tastes without seasoning. The key to this dish is the noodles can’t be stuck together without them swimming in an oil bath. Each thread should be seasoned evenly and  vegetables can’t be over-cooked.


Honey Pig did it and we liked it a lot.

Korean plum wine needs more work: it wasn’t as smooth and rich as the Japanese plum wine. It’s a step below Taiwanese plum wine as well. We couldn’t finish it and we couldn’t take it away either.


Kalbi was good but, at $30 for two thinnly sliced beef tenderloin weighing less than a pound, it’d better be.

We also got a small portion of a Korean bean paste tofu hot pot but it was disappointing as if it was a tofu hot pot without the tofu. The broth was salty and lack of taste too.


Side dishes were adequate but nothing much to tell you about; just ordinary vegetable choices.

Next time we’ll skip the plum wine and get a less expensive BBQ beef.




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