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Hillary wants to do what? December 6, 2014

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She wants to ‘empathize‘ and ‘show respect‘ to America’s enemies.


Source: Google search.

Let’s count American’s enemies for Hillary then:

China, Iran, Iraq, IS, Al Qaeda, Hezbolla, Hamas, Boko Haram, Mujahidin, PLO, Abu Nidal Organization, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, The Palestinian Authority, Israel, Yeman, Sudan, Egypt, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. There are at least 20 other terrorist groups not named here. Chinese say: ‘族多不繁載也.’

Don’t believe my list? Check out Gallup poll done since 2001.


Source: http://io9.com/which-countries-do-americans-perceive-as-their-greatest-1528098419

Hmmm…, many on the list want to kill Americans. Several have done so already. Some want to win the economic war against America. Several have been bombed by American fighters jets, drones and cruise missiles with thousands innocent civilians killed by American’s military machine. A few have long range nuclear missiles aimed at American cities. Several have been bullied by the US. A few more have been sanctioned by the US for years if not decades.

Let Hillary tell us how she empathizes these nations, organizations or groups?

She must feel sorry for these people because of American bulling over the decades in the past?

Because of America’s past misconduct, Hillary wants to respect people of
these nations and groups for what they stand for: kill American people?

I don’t know whom Hillary wants to please: tertorists or her liberal base in the US?

I don’t know what Hillary wants to do with her ’empathy’ and ‘respect’ when facing these people on the battle field: send them flowers?


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