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Copycat or human’s hidden nature? November 29, 2014

Posted by hslu in Islam, Religion.
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In a span of a few weeks not long ago, Americans heard a few cases of beheadings in the US. Of course, most of us haven’t been able to come to terms with beheadings in the Middle East but we now have to face it in the US.

I’ve been living in the US for 40 years and I don’t remember ever reading this kind of cruelty and savagery in this country.

Why did these events even happen in a soceity like the one in the US? What have happened to these people? Did they learn their vicious acts from the actions of the IS? Are they trying to instill fear and panic to the American people? Or did they simply express their basic human nature when law failed to control their basic instincts?

Three weeks ago in Taiwan (10-29-2014,) a 79-year old 彰化 man cut off his 47-year old mistress’s ears, nose and lips while she was still alive because he suspected that she had flirted with someone in the tour group on a trip to Japan. He even flushed away the cut-off parts in the toilet and then called the police to report the crime.

Yes, you read it right: he tied her up while she was sleeping and then took an hour to cut up her faces while she was fully aware of what went on with her body.

Wow! I’ve read this kind of sadistic acts in novels and saw it in movies but never image it could happen in a civilized society like Taiwan.

Is the world being turned upside-down by the real nature of human being?

When I was going to school as a small kid in Taiwan, one of the books we read was ‘三字經: Three word chant.’

It begins with these two simple phrases: ‘人之初 性本善.’

What it means is this: Human being at birth is good-hearted by nature.

I actually don’t agree with what it preaches because I’ve long suspected that ‘人之初 性本惡’ or ‘Human being at birth is evil-minded by nature.’ The most obvious places to look for this type of human behavior is selfishness exhibited in children. Only through education and soceital influence, human learned to live under rules and regulations. Gradually human being learns to control his or her natural instinct and begins to let the good side shine.

However, extreme violence such as cutting other people’s heads instigated by religion can’t be explained by common sense. Al Qaeda stopped beheading after it bought condemnations from all over the world. The pratices have been bought back by the IS and the action broadcasted all over the web.

Is it because ‘人之初 性本惡’ or I missed something about human nature?


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