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America’s de facto surrender to Iran’s nuclear ambition November 23, 2014

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No matter what the outcome of the ongoing P5+1 discussion with Iran, one thing is clear: Iran has been for years a country with nuclear technology and thousands of centrifuges capable of making weapon grade uranium and delivery mechanism.

America has been at it with Iran for many years covering many administrations with nothing to show for. Sanction after sanction and inspection after inspection, the only thing these steps orchestrated by the U. S. have been able to accomplish was buying more time for Iran.

Since a nuclear Iran has already been accepted by the Obama administration, any negotiation is just a waste of time.

The consequence is deep and the outcome is unpredicable, but a few things are very likely:

1.  Israel may strike Iran to slow it down with or without America.

2.  Saudi will want the same technology Iran has and America will help the kingdom to get it. Covertly, of course. Since Saudi, with its vast oil reserve and strategic importance to America, has been a friend of U. S. ever since 1973 oil embargo, the rules applied to Iran or Russia do not apply to the desert nation. (Note: Let’s not forget that the oil embargo was instigated by Saudi which caused significant economic pains to every American back then.) If you want proof. Look at Israel.

3. Many other sunni nations, i.e. Iran’s enemies, in the middle east with deep pockets from oil exports like UAE, Qatar and Kuwait, want what Iran has. They are friends of America too but not as important as Saudi. America may close one eye and let them acquire nuclear technology from other countries such as Russia, China, Pakistan or North Korea.

4.  A middle east nuclear initiative or a cooperation effort may be at work to counter Iran’s nuclear ambition.

5.  A regional nuclear arm race has started. You say that middle east is a dangeous place now, wait until some of the nations or groups have a few nuclear missiles to play with.

6.  Of course, these nations have tons of money; money contributed by Americans at local gas pumps over the years. They can buy a dozen or more nuclear missiles.

The drama has just started even before 11-24-2014 deadline comes.



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