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Typical liberal. Hopeless. October 26, 2014

Posted by hslu in Global Affair, Islam, Middle East, Military, Muslim, Obama.

Americans know that bombing the IS isn’t working in Iraq or Syria.

Americans know that not very many IS members have been killed by bombs dropped by hundreds of fighter jets no matter how accurate they are.

Americans are fully aware that without American soldiers on the ground, say 100,000 or something like that, it will be difficult to defeat the IS in Iraq and Syria. That will be another $1 trillion down the tube easy and Americans are tired of fighting other’s wars or building other’s nations.

Obama knows that too. Kerry knows that too. Pentagon knows that too. They are doing the minimum to keep the press and others off their backs. They are waiting for the next election so that they can dump the hot potato off to someone else’s lap.

So what do some liberals propose to do in a hopeless situation like this?

Let’s talk to the IS.

Yeah, that’s what some liberals are suggesting. They want to reason with the IS. They figure that the IS fighters are probably tired of killing too.


Source: Yahoo news.

It will be interesting to know the kind of offers being considered by America to the IS in exchange for what: part of Iraq or Syria for IS stop killing Shiites?

Good luck, Kerry. Keep praying like you are doing in the picture. You’ll need plenty of that in days to come if you keep your job.

Send in your deputies. Don’t go to IS HQ yourself.

Tell Obama that you’ve had enough of his mess. Recommend someone you don’t like to take your job. Let’s face it, Kerry, you’ll have no chance to get the Nobel Peace prize.

Life is short. Enjoy the billions from your wife while you still can.



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