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天大的笑話 October 3, 2014

Posted by hslu in Economics, Obamacare.
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THE American banker, I am sorry, former American banker, complained to a fellow economist a few days ago that he couldn’t get a refi loan on his house.

This is really unheard of. It is like  台灣中央銀行的彭淮南 can’t get a loan from the local bank he surpervises.



Hmm…, Bernanke’s networth is probably north of $50 million. Just a guess.

His book will be published soon. His cut: a cool $1 million. He will be a senior fellow or some title we can’t relate to at the Brookings Institution. He’ll probably make $200,000+ a year from this part time job. He charges a 6 figures fee for each and every speech he gives. He has a generous government pension. He probably gets a pension from Princeton as well.

The only reason why Bernanke can’t get a refi that makes any sense to me is this:

Bernanke is not on Obamacare.

My suggestion to Ben is:

Just pay that damn mortgage off.

Ben, you are a fairly rich man. You don’t need a refi. The top 1% don’t need mortgage interest deduction at the tax time. Besides, we all know that your Turbo tax skill isn’t that great you know. You will be better of using 1040EZ on 4-15-2015.



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