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Taipei Tokyo September 28, 2014

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南北和 is its Chinese name. This Shady Grove branch is in a more affluent shopping center west of I-270 in Rockville, MD. It looks much better than the other places with the same name in Rockville on east of I-270.

This restaurant has a busy lunch crowd and most of them ordered off the special lunch menu such as bento box lunch or combo Chinese plates.

Our young Korean waiter has only been here for two weeks and every dish we have ordered off the Chinese menu was a first for him. He did A good job: courteous, patient, personal and didn’t make any mistake.

Here are our orders:


Reasonablly good. Beef tendor was better.


Eggplant was great. Peanuts and bean curd was ordinary.


Too much filler. Needs more dried bean curd.


上海小餛飩 except the small wonton was still too large. It is no where close to the 西塘陸氏小餛飩 we had in 西塘老街.


Another wonderful dish: very tender fish filets in savory sauce.


An authentic 梅菜扣肉: both 梅菜 and 扣肉 were professionally done. One of the best we have had in the east coast. Well worth the money.


Black sticky rice with red bean paste. This was beautifully done. My only complain is: I will keep the sauce clear to highlight the purple rice.

Bottomline: worth going back to try more dishes.



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