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香辣川菜館, Chantilly VA September 27, 2014

Posted by hslu in Chinese Food.
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Been here once when it first opened about 9 months ago. This is our second time. Overall, it gets A passing grade but a few things could be better.

1. Two dishes we ordered weren’t available. That’s a no no. Dashifu shouldn’t let this happen. Crisp cucumber was out. Salty chicken was out. I could have ordered salty duck instead but my Dad won’t eat it. The selection on appetizers was limited because my Dad won’t eat them.

2. Sweet and sour fish filet was disappointing. The SS sauce needed more work. It was too watery and it wasn’t sweet enough. It also needed more lemon, orange and ginger too. I didn’t mind the deep-fried fish filet but the batter needed improvement. This dish got a F. Don’t order. I ordered it because my Dad might like it.


Marinated beef tenderloin and spicy beef tendon are both very good. The portions were more than adequate too.


We used to eat A lot of soybeans when we were in Taiwan many decades ago.People grew up in 眷村 knew what I talked about.


Ma po doufu 麻婆豆腐 was excellent: right amount of spiciness plus great flavor made it one of the best we have ever had in VA. It looked like what 麻婆豆腐 was supposed to look like. You should try it.


Pork with green chillis was okay but I can do it better. No kidding.



The sign was still here at the intersection even though it's been at least 9 months since its Grand Opening.

By the way, 酒釀湯圓 could be sweeter and there wasn’t enough 酒釀 either. No picture on this dessert dish.

Oh, the service was very personal and attentive. The pace of our meal was great. No waiting between dishes: one after another. Perfect timing just like the way my Mom treated my Dad’s friends many decades ago in Taiwan.

If I could go back to the kitchen and give the chef a few tips when he worked on our dishes.



1. thinkingnojudging - November 19, 2014

Hi just cross your post here. I believe that this chef was from the China Star in Fairfax City. I like a few dishes in that restaurant. The pork rib soup was very good. Also you could try Lotus Garden in Tysons. They have reasonable authentic noodles and kinda neat.


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