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iPhone6: copycat at best. September 21, 2014

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I don’t get it. Waiting in line for days. Sleeping outside the store. Paying someone $25 an hour to kepp a spot for you. What was the fuss about?


iPhone6 is a copycat. It is many months late and with nothing really new or innovative to show for.

Yet these people treated Tim Cook like a member of the royal family completely forgetting about his failed strategies in the past.



Because of his mistakes, for the past few years and for the foreseeable future, Apple will always play catch up over and over again with every product cycle. With newer, cheaper and equally capable android smartphones from its competitors, Apple will lose its coolness and competitive edge, if there is any left, probably sooner than Apple fans want to admit.

There are rumors that Apple is working on an iTV or something like that. I hope it doesn’t because it will be an instant company killer. People, especially the younger ones, are not using their TV in the family room anymore because they have a personalized TV in their hands. They get to watch whatever they like and whenever they want to.

Husbands don’t have to fight with their wifes for the remote control. Siblings does have to wait for their turns to watch their favorite shows on the big screen in the basement. Parents don’t have to play referees to settle fights over who gets to see what on family TV. There will be peace in the house and they don’t have to mess with the cable companies anymore.

Wake up, the mindless Apple clones. There is simply not that much to cheer about or to hope for.

If you must, you have three years to wait.



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