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Democrats: Pandering to the 99% September 6, 2014

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As mid-term gets closer and closer we will see more of Clinton and less of Obama trying to rally for Democrat’s congressional candidates in major swing states: NC, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Nevada.

What Democrat will do is what they have done always: stress the inequality and minimum wage issues just like Clinton did in Florida yesterday.

Nothing new: pandering to its base and use inequality as a weapon for party’s class warfare.


Source: Fox News

How can anyone raise a kid or two on minimum wage even with food stamps and government welfare? If someone is doing that now, he or she has to get an education, starting with a high school diploma if he or she must, and bring him or herself out of the proverty once and for all.

Democrats want you to stay in proverty so that you have to depend on government handouts for the rest of your life. You need that government check and Democrats will deliver that check to you month after month, year after year.

And where will Democrats get the money to hand it to you? Tax the rich and more and more the middle class.

The fight for 15 crowd get their checks. Democrats keep the power. Rich pay more. Middle class gets sucked dry. Eventually America will end up as a socialist government and inequality will last for generations to come.

That’s classic Democrat.

階級鬥爭 思想分裂
貧富不均 煽動選民
少數民族 鼓吹歧視
政府養民 一黨專政

That’s the essence of Democrat Party’s menifesto.



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