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有錢的政客選不上 September 5, 2014

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1% vs. 99%.
Wall Street vs. the Main Street.
CEOs vs Wal Mart cashiers.
Silicon Valley vs. SF slums.
VC angel money vs. unemployment checks
Caviar and wine vs. food stamps.

This is inequality.
This is what’s wrong with capitalism.
This is what’s wrong in the America.

Inequality creates envy in the beginning.

It then changed to disappointment.

From disappointment, inequality morphes into resentments.

From there, resentment changes to hatred, violence, protest and demand for action. If demands are not met, revenge becomes the ultimate outcome.

Well, after the social unrest and angry protest, the mid-term election is coming and inequlity is the buzz word for this election season. It will be the same for 2016 too.

The top 1% have more money; much more money than the bottom 99%.

The 1% have bigger houses, seaside vacation homes, nicer cars, fancy yachts, tons of stocks and private jets. They go to 5 star restaurants and resorts reserved for multi millionaires and billionaires. Powerful politicians mingle around these people like flies around cow patties.

Not all 99% are in the dumps, of course.

Some have houses but they carry a big mortgage. Many have cars but they are 10 to 15 years old with 150 thousand miles on it. Many probably stretch their car payments to 72 or more months to make ends meet. No vacation home. No yacht. No jets. No stocks. Some have CDs making 0.015% a year. They don’t go the fancy redorts. They drive to granny’s house and sleep in the basement.

What they do have are lots of obligations: kids, gasoline, grocery, celephone bills, utility expenses, floating rate parent loans and college expenses for juinors. Some have grown up kids living in their houses too. They eat hamburgers and hotdogs. They consider fried chickens and fries a big treat for the family. They watch football and scifi reruns to kill time.

Well, the 99% do have each other. Their numbers are in the millions; hundreds of millions.

Well, the sheer size of the 99% presents a big problem at election time for the 1% candidates: they don’t have enough headcounts to make election go their ways. This is because people in the 1% are stangers to the common folks in the bottom 99%.

No wonder CNBC talks about this today:



Source: CNBC mobile.

The article is talking about Hillary, of course. She makes at leadt $250,000 for 60 minute talk. All expenses paid of course. Bill gets to stay home. He has more important things to do, of course. We all know what they are.

Hmm…, CNBC should have checked out 國民黨’s candidate for the mayor of Taipei: 連勝文。

Where did 連勝文 get his billions of 新臺幣,美金,金子,人民幣,日幣,加幣、星幣和歐元 from?He hasn’t earned much money from his part-time job.

Isn’t his father used to be the big kahuna of the Taiwanese government and the nationlist party; the 國民黨?

Well, 連勝文 definitely belongs to the top 1% club in Taiwan. I am guessing that the top 1% club probably has a special basement chamber or penthouse for him and his fellow top 0.1% members.

Hmm…, will CNBC’s prediction come true in the US and will the phenomenon carry its weight to Taipei too? I thought 反服貿和學運 in Taiwan was a cry for equality.

We’ll find out the results in a few months.



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