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Bulletin, Reston Town Center, VA September 3, 2014

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It used to be Pizza Uno, the Chicago Pizza house.

It closed its door a few years ago during the worst days of the Great Recession. It then stood empty for a good while and finally Bulletin came. We went there for a very late night dinner a few weeks ago.






Well, Bulletin is a family restaurant offering comfort foods. It seemed out of place amid high priced beer joints and fancy Steakhouses. Bulletin even offers breakfast all day long.

Hmm…, with so many parents bringing their kids to the center, maybe Bulletin has a point. Let’s see how long it can last with the kind of rent it is paying now. A price hike coming?

I ordered chicken fried steak and my wife ordered ‘The walk of shame breakfast burrito.’

I used to have chicken fried steak when the company I worked for was still in the poorer section of the Dallas metropolis. We used to go to this small restaurant in Oak Cliff for lunch because it offered the best chicken fried steak that I have ever tasted: big, juicy, hot, crisp on the outside, moist on the inside and topped with a lot of gravy and sprinkled some green onions before bringing it to your table. Oh, did I mention an order of homemade onion rings to go with it?

It was filling, satisfing and to put it mildly extremely unhealthy.

But 3 decades ago, eating healthy food wasn’t on every TV channel day in and day out and organic food hasn’t been invented yet. I wonder if it is still there even though I don’t remember where it was. A couple of years later, our company moved to the affluent section to the north and I stopped going there for a reason. But I still remember its chicken fried steak till this day. And it is the same reason why I still order this not-so-healthy food from time to time.


About half the size of the one I had in Oak Cliff.

The burrito was huge and the egg inside was tender and tasty but we just couldn’t finish the burrito.


Well, we will come back when we want breakfast around 10 in the evening. We have stopped going to Silver Dinner around here because they kept changing their menu. And every time a new menu came out, they added  a few new items and jacked up their prices by 4 or 5% hoping people would not notice. Well we finally find a decent joint that will give  SD some much needed competition.


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