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NATO, US, Russia and China September 2, 2014

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The US is pulling strings to dictate what NATO needs to do in order to restrict Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.


Source: WSJ.

NATO is essentially the US because US accounts for the majority of the funding, provides the bulk of the military assets and is a puppy of the Pentagon. It pretty much does what US tells it to do. Germany, U.K. and France are what we call ‘昨日黃花’ because they don’t have money or the will to fight a war they deem not essential for their national interests. They have no desire to lead a fight against Putin’s Russia because it was not their fight. All other NATO members are what we call ‘跑龍套的’ because all they can do is act like cheerleaders on the sideline because they don’t have anything to offer. That leaves US with ‘The US.’

NATO is a case of ‘一個願打 一個願挨’ 兩邊 ‘一拍即合’ 是也。

America started the Cold War against Russia and America ended the Cold War which was a great achievement. The US enjoyed peace dividend and for a while didn’t know what to do with all the extra money that came with the defeat of the Soviet Union.

Over the next 10 some years, America forgot about Russia because Berlin Wall came down, Soviet Union was torn apart, Russia entered into bankruptcy, America reached to the pinacle of the world and the new world order was functioning just like what American strategists have envisioned. Russia was like a sick tiger with no influence what so ever in the world.

The American empire was finally in place and by this time the United States dominated almost every corner of the world. America created many colonies and it did it with American dollar along with the most powerful military in the world.

Then came 9/11. With that, what took America half a century to put together came down like a house of cards.

America became a hostage of Bin Laden. America then spent trillions to beef up its security by fighting two wars and monitoring almost everything  within its borders. Thetremendous costs acted like a national tax on itself. The Fed then reduced interest rates which planted the seeds to the financial crisis. It then reallyrr bought America to its knees. Most western nations, many of them NATO members, kowtowed with the US and they helplessly saw their national debts went through the roof.

Oil prices went through the roof which benefited Muslim nations and none other than Russia: the old tiger who were licking its wounds.

Which bought everyone; including NATO, to 2014, Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk and now Mariupol.

Ukraine war is a sideshow. Putin is fighting a war he will not lose. Eventually he’ll get Donbass and a pathway to Crimea. Then he’ll stop. And what America is doing to counter Putin’s aggression: economic sanctions and travel restrictions. Yeah!  Putin is shivering in Kremlin.

Obama also managed to piss off China by rounding up China’s neighbors in order to put a NATO equvalent around China. He called that ‘pivot to the East’ in the name of protecting America’s national interests.

Over the same time period, America’s war on terror killed thousands of innocent Muslims and reealy amplified the resentment and hatred against the US. As a result, America is fighting a prolonged guerrilla warfare with many muslims groups and whether America  likes it or not, the war in voming to the America.

Obama’s incomptency, his misguided Middle East policy, his animosity against Israel and his deliberated retreated from the world stage completely back fired. Now, America is fighting three wars at the same time. And where was NATO? NATO was still daydreaming; dreamed what Chinese call ‘黃粱一夢,’  and by the time NATO got their act together, Putin already gets what He wants from Ukraine.

America is fighting a Cold war with Russia. It Probably will last another 40 years.

America is fighting a guerrilla warfare with muslim terrorists. This war may last another 100 years.

And what China is doing now? China is building high speed railroads everywhere they need one. China is building Air Craft Carriers until they think they have enough. China is developing fighter jets and commercial airlines to satisfies their own demands and expands into world market. China is making deals on pipelines and terminals with countries rich in natural resources. China is exploring space to advance its technology. China is strengthening its financial system and currency which one day will bring down the US dollars. China is getting rid of corruptions which has reached to the highest level of the local and central government.

And what the American empire is doing? America is making bombs, bullets, missiles and blackhawk helicopters.

Oh, the once mighty America the empire is borrowing money to get by day in and day out. It has been busy piling on debt after debt to as far as eye can see into the future.

Happy time isn’t far away, CNBC keeps telling US, because stocks are at all time high and the sky is the limit. Trust me, Yellen told us that too.

Hmmm…., what was that I heard on the news that another mortgage crisis is coming this winter?

Don’t Look at me! I didn’t say that. Bove did. He said it on CNBC’s today: 09-02-2014.

What does Chinese have to say about this? ‘鷸蚌相爭 漁翁得利也.’

Hmmm.., before I forget, Soro has a billion+ dollar short on the S&P 500. Thought you might want to know.

Hmmm…, how do I get you back to NATO? Last I heard they were debating sanctions against Russia again.

I have a suggestion and it is a grwat one:

Why don’t they get it over with by putting a real tough sanction against Putin himself. He has billions somewhere, doesn’t he? Freeze his assets. Don’t Let him in the US, German, UK and France. Add Italy and Spain while NATO is working so hard now.

That for sure will get Putin’s attention.



1. f.nugroho - September 2, 2014

all about money. yeah I agree


2. simondavidclode - September 2, 2014

I’m pretty sure you won’t see Putin in Germany, France, UK or USA in the near future. The problem with freezing Putin’s assets is that they are not necessarily in his name, but in the name of his close circle which is where the US and EU are placing the sanctions.

I think you’re right that Putin will ‘stop’ once he has a secure corridor to Crimea; either through creating a plastic-autonomous region or just by declaring it Russian. Then we’ll have a semi-cold war where Russia suffers most, EU suffers a bit, US barely feels any effects and China benefits only very marginally.

It will be interesting to see if the EU has the courage to face down Russia over the winter – http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c03b931a-31c6-11e4-a19b-00144feabdc0.html?siteedition=uk#axzz3C8hNLlRl


3. citizennp - September 2, 2014

Putin as much of a pain as he is isn’t the real enemy.. It’s China!! Now everyone knows this. If US focused on that, it and the world would come out alright


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