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It’s a sad day for America August 31, 2014

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‘We are working with our allies on a comprehensive strategy to deal with the IS.’

That’s something one would expect an American president say when asked about US’s response to IS in the Middle East even though everybody knew he’s got nothing in his pocket.

Instead, that’s what America, IS and the world got:


Source: BBC

It was an open display on national TV for the entire world to see what a completely helpless, no self respect and totally useless small guy Obama really was.

I bet he’ll say the same thing on Ukraine too.

Yet, this guy was elected American president. Not one but twice.

How can the majority of American voters be so blind in 2008 and 2012 to elect someone with his calliper?

How can American voters be so naive to put such a guy with no credentials and no experience in the higest office in the land?

How can American voters be so stupid and not able to see through his empty words because there was nothing to Offer behind the teleprompters?

How can American people be so shallow and trust democracy to the point of puting American’s future in the hands of a guy with no experience at all?

No American company will ever do something like this yet America the country would defy logic and rely on a faulty process they call ‘Democracy’ to elect the guy who will occupy its highest office of the nation.

Look where an incompotent Obama has led the America to?

Look where an incompetent Obama has bought this world to?

IS is happy. America’s enemies are happy. America’s allies are paralized. American people must be tired of Obama. But all the regrets will do nothing to mend the mistakes by less than 30% of all American voters who actually voted for Obama in 2012. He’s got 2 more years to play golf and there is simply nothing American people can do.

America calls this ‘democracy.’

It is the same failed ideology America has preached to the world for the last 60 years.

Look what kind of mess it has created.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look of 馬英九 and what democracy has done to Taiwan.

Well, enough on the flawed process since there is nothing American can do now other than 發發牢騷.

But, ‘we don’t have a strategy yet’
got to be a first for America president who openly admitted defeat in front of the world.

I feel pity for Obama. It is a sad day for America.


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