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陸版台積電:What will Taiwan do? August 26, 2014

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I knew something like this will happen and it’s happening in 浦東 張江 now. It may take a few years for China to catch up but the questions for Taiwan now is what will Taiwan do to save this annual $2 trillion NTD industry?

China has to upgrade its economy and has to develop its own technology base. There is simply no othe way around it. The banning of Windows8 in China is a good example. The development of its own desktop software is another example. Other areas such as aerospace, deepsea research, fighter jets, aircraft carrier, and Beidou geo-positioning system are all important areas China is currently working on.

With shoe and shirt factories moving to Thailand and Vietnam, China is eyeing Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing as the next sector to move into.

Taiwan has enjoyed decades of  supremacy and dominance in this profitable sector. Going forward, Taiwan’s fortune is no longer guaranteed.

Taiwan’s THC has been defeated by Samsung of Korea and many smartphone manufactures in China. Taiwan’s Asus (華碩)and Acer (宏基) have lost market shares to laptops and PCs companies in China and other countries. How long can Taiwan’s semiconductor companies such as 台積電, 聯電 and 聯發科 survive?


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