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762 captured. 17,238 to go. August 12, 2014

Posted by hslu in China.
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762, that’s how many corrupt formal Chinese officials and sleazy businessmen who have been captured by China in a foreign country and returned to China to face prosecution.

There are still as many as 17,238 economic criminals who are still hiding in foreign countries according to Chinese newspaper.


Source: CNBC mobile site.

Let’s get every single one of them and bring them back to China to face justice. While you are at it, Xi Jinping, get their money back to China from their foreign bank accounts too. That money belongs to China and Chinese people.

I hope the serious efforts by Xi Jinping will keep the corrupt Chinese officials up in the night because it will soon be their turn to get caught no matter which country they hide. Of course, they all know that once they get caught, they will stay in prison for a long time.

For thousands of years in China, a majority if not all of government officials have been corrupt and have been collecting money illegally from citizens and businesses alike. Once a while, a sensible and powerful emperor or official would clean the house and put these corrup officials in jail.

Xi Jinping is such a serious and apparently very powerful leader. Hundreds if not thousands of corrupt officials and businessmen have been caught in China. Many of them have high level positions in the central government. This is great news for people on the main street and a necessary action to keep the party in power in this day and age where corrupt officials are running out of places to hide.

Chinese people call this: 大快人心、罪有應得也。

I like it too.

Americans will say: ‘Great job! Well done! Keep at it, Jinping.’

You know, Americans aren’t like Chinese. They go by first names as if they have known you a life time even though they just met you in the elevator on the way down to the first floor.



1. Moon - May 19, 2017

Finding this post has aneswred my prayers


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