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Sisters Thai, Old Town Fairfax, VA August 8, 2014

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I haven’t been to a Thai restaurant for close to 10 years.

I liked various spices Thai chefs used in their dishes but they always used more sugar than it needs to. The sweetness was so strong that they overwhelmed all other flavors except that from the hot Thai chills. Even though Thai dishes were similar to Chinese ones, to me, the sauces for Thai dishes were usual too simple and bland and they often lacked the complexity and sophistication usually found in Chinese dishes.

Well, you can call that my bias against Thai restaurants.

My wife and I went to Sisters in Old Town Fairfax in northern Virginia with a friend because it was highly recommened by my friend’s daughter.
The restaurant is small: about 40 seats of 2 and 4 tops and a small round table for 5. It has a bar for beer and wine. I am not sure it has cocktails. The staff is extremely friendly and the service personal and tentative. I was told that it gets busy at lunch time so that we got there at 11:30.



7 throw pillows spell out 'SISTERS'.



You have to ask the wait staff for this special menu: mostly Thai street foid. Some of them made it to the Washington Post.


Nice presentation at the front door.

The appetizer: deep fried calamari:


Calamari needs to stay in the deep frier a bit longer. It looks better with a golden brown color.

The sauce is made from ‘chili sweet sauce’ sold in bottles and it is wildly used in Vietnamese restaurants. You can find it in Korean grocery stores and you can make it yourself with some wine and lemon juice. It is very sweet and sour already. It is not spicy at all.


Double Gold Fish brand is the one to buy.

The lunch menu has 8 to10 items and each comes with an appetizer from a selection of 8 or so.

Here are what we got: 3 appetizers and three entress. The portions are all reasonable and the prices are fairly cheap for the area. There is another Thai restaurant no more than 3  minutes away on foot. Competions may have something to do with that. The Fairfax Old Town was renovated maybe a couple of years ago. It has sevrral restaurants and a few shops. A new building is under contruction. Weekends are the time to come. Streets are blocked off for locals to shop and walk around. We passed by here many times but have nevere stopped to see what are here. We’ll come back here to check out soon.


Soup is too sweet. Too much sourness for my taste. The same sauce appears for the veggie spring roll. Cabbages.


Salad with sweet peanut sauce.


Thai verdion of flat rice noodle with beef. 干炒牛河. Not bad. Nit sweet.


Pad Thai. Famous Thai dish. Not my favor though. More peanuts.


Sauted shrimp with green beans. Not too spicy even with a bunch of green Thai chillis. Apparently the chef didn't use corn starch to thicken the sauce. The shrimp can use a little more seasoning from the sauce.

For dessert, we ordered mango with sticky sweet rice. Our waitress told us the mango is a bit hard but we ordered it anyway. We liked it a lot when we were in Bangkok’s floating market and we also got it from Bangkok’s street vendors too.


The sticky rice is even better tham we had in Bangkok.

Overall, it was not a bad lunch: reasonably good dishes, couple of bottles of blue moon, good company and a lot food. After the lunch, the ladues got ice cream from Woody’s near by. I skipped it because I couldn’t shake off that sweet taste in my mouth.




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