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Peace in Middle East? Not a chance. August 8, 2014

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The headline of BBC’s website reads

“Gaza conflict: US and UN condemn new Gaza violence.”

Israel resumed air strikes on Gaza today (Friday, 08-08-2014) because it says that Hamas fired rockets into Israel. Hamas says it rejected the peace deal because Israel didn’t meet its demands.

We called this: “公說公有理, 婆說婆有理.”

And fighting continues.

Well, what are US and UN planing to do?

Here is the official response from the US: The parties should work towards a “sustainable ceasefire.”

We call that “廢話!. 說了等於沒說.”

Any words from UN?

The suffering for civilians was “intolerable” as if it needs UN to remind us that.

The fact of the matter is that the two sides hate each other. Peace is not possible simply because of killings of innocent people on both sides. The only way to settle this is by force: kill or be killed. Kill until your opponents are too weak to harm you.

Simple as that.

Iran wants to get rid of Israel so that it established Hamas and Hezbollah and funded their operations till this day. Iran is also working on a nuclear option which Israel might neutralize it before it threatens the survival of the entire nation of Israel.

Politicians talk. They have those talking points remembered and that’s all they knew what to do. Their parents sent them to get trained in Harvard and Yale and what did they get from their high priced education? They knew how to use their mouth and they are very good at it.

Talk will not bring peace. Just ask Carter and Clinton. America under Clinton talked to North Korea and got a food for nuclear bomb deal. And what North Korea is doing these days? Testing nuclear bombs and nuclear missiles! Who was that naive guy who led US talk team with North Korea? Well, it was that useless Carter. But thanks to Obama, Carter got promoted to the second worst US president after Obama.

Well, I digress. Let’s get back to Peace in the Middle East.

Talk is cheap. Talk from politicians is cheaper. Talk from US and UN are useless because it falls on dead ears especially in the Middle east.

Military action will bring peace. Eventually. Peace will come when the other side is totally defeated.

Have you heard of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? That’s when Japan finally surrendered because they knew they are totally defeated.

That’s what is needed in Middle East.

However, in this day of so-called democracy, total defeat of either party is politically not possible.


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