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一觸即發 August 7, 2014

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NATO is threatened by Russia’s expansion and Obama is feeling the heat burning in his pants.

Obama has been humiliated by Putin in many occasions on the world stage and Obama wants to revenge his public embarrassment and shame.

“Yes,” Obama reasons to himself: “I have missiles, airplanes, ship, and soldiers. I am the commander-in-chief. I can do things with them like I did in Afghanistan. Didn’t I prove myself worthy to be a president by sending 100,000 troops to Afghanistan a few years ago? I’ll do the same thing to Putin and teach him a lesson. Russia doesn’t make anything and Putin has no balls. He is bluffing. He’s a sideshow. He can’t compete with me. I’ll beat him this time. He’ll back down.”

“Yes, send in those ship to Crimea and see what Putin is up to,” Obama said to his military brass. “Give Ukraine some money. The new guy we put in the office needs some weapons. Our defense companies need some new business.”

“Yes, we’ll say we send in those ship to promote peace.” Obama tells his communication director.

There you have it, folks.

Obama wants a war. He’ll have one, military or otherwise.

Chinese calls this: “一觸即發.” The Cold War I have been telling you about is fast becoming a real one.

I wonder “What will Obama do if Putin sends in his troops to Ukraine and annexes two more states?”

Will Obama sends those missiles flying to Moscow?

Obama  是 “吃不完兜着走.”

Source: RT.



August 07, 2014 07:00
An US Navy officer walks up the gangway during a press tour at a USS cruiser Vella Gulf missile cruiser after the visit of US Secretary of Defence in Constanta.(AFP Photo / Radu Tuta )
US missile cruiser enters Black Sea again ‘to promote peace’
US missile cruiser Vella Gulf has entered the Black Sea in what the American Navy described as a move to “to promote peace and stability in the region.” Moscow has considered any such acts as “offensive.” 


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