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Obama insulted Putin, Russia and Russian people August 6, 2014

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Hmmm….., what is Obama the community organizer up to these days?

In an interview yesterday (08-04-2014) with The Economist, Obama said the following on Russia:

  1. “Russia doesn’t make anything;” 
  2. “Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity;”
  3. “The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old;”
  4. “The population is shrinking,”
  5. “We have to make sure that they don’t escalate where suddenly nuclear weapons are back in the discussion of foreign policy.”

Obama also downplayed Russia’s role in the world and dismissing Putin as an international trouble-maker who leads a country short on opportunity.

Source: www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/russia-doesn-president-obama-slams-putin-new-interview-article-1.1891259


I can not believe I am hearing this: a US president, however incompetent he is, openly insulting another nation in the world; a nation with nuclear weapons. The good will between Russia and US built by past US presidents was completely destroyed by Obama in the interview.

My conclusion is this:

The CO, the community organizer, wants a real war with Putin and Russia.


Here is what I think Putin will do:

Putin will give Obama an all out war starting with an economic one. He’ll then work to minimize the status of US dollar as the reserve currency of the world. He will work with China, Iran, Iraq, Syria and South American countries to de-stabilize America. He will work with oil producing countries to teach a lesson to Obama.

These comments by Obama the CO can be classified as a “Black Swan” event on the geopolitics scene.

I’ve said before about the only saving grace for the US right now: rapidly rising shale oil production. It will have geopolitical implications. Sure enough, it did.

Shale oil production in the US won’t last forever. I gave it 5 to 10 years.

Just a reminder: “君子報仇十年不晚.” “咱們走着瞧!”

Is it time to sell stocks? Will oil go higher? I for one will watch this closely.

You should too if you have stocks in your 401(k) account.




1. read more - September 4, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling on rebels in eastern Ukraine to stop advancing, is akin to General Eisenhower asking General Patton to stop advancing.


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