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The Kingmaker has failed miserablly in Iraq July 30, 2014

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America has for decades played a ‘King Maker’ role with other countries’ governments in the world. It financed the opposition party of the govrrnment in power. It invaded other countries. It set up military bases and selected persons loyal to the U.S. and made them ‘King,’ all in the name of national security and in the name of promoting democracy as the supreme government system for the affected countries and the peace of the world. America then showered the new ‘King’ with American tax money and used billions of green backs to seal off oppostions’ objection hoping the new ‘king’ can fortify his new-found power under the protective shield of American military prowess.

The ‘New World Order’ or ‘The Rule of Governance’ envisioned by the US for the world is ‘democracy’ in countries that’s important to the US and it has never been shy about its intentions.

The problem is that it seldom works. Take Iraq for instance: Maliki was put in power as a puppet for America. Maliki believed he has enough power and a strong military force to protect his power base. He asked US to leave because the opposition don’t want America in its country. It also believe that their oil production and export will be big enough to do without American’s financial support. The trouble for Maliki and American’s ‘democracy everywhere’ dream is that the religion got in the way.

It looks like that we’ll have a morden version of ‘新三國演義’ in Iraq. ISIS will not stop making its move toward the south because that’s where the money is. We’ll see how it will play out in years to come. 0

Iran was like that. Iraq was like that. Egypt was like that. Libya was like that and the list goes on. Saudi has rejected the ‘democracy’ call because America for 40 years had to relied on Saudi to keep the oil flowing. American presidents have learned their lessons and they dare not to ‘pull tooth from a lion’s mouth’ or ‘在老虎嘴裡拔牙.’

Well, I am not sure America will stop ‘making Kings’ around the world. They probably will avoid the Middle East and change its targets to South East Asian countries.

America has a new ‘Cold War’ to fight with China.

Mark my words! It is happening now no matter how much American government denies its intention.

Well, the problem for America is that Obama has made Putin America’s enemy No. 1. Worse, there is no country in South America which can call America friend.

The fundamental problem



1. anniepani - July 19, 2015

My opinion is that it is easy to export the superficial forms of democracy, ballots etc., but it is impossible to export the substance of democracy. It is something which has to evolve in all the relations and power distributions in a society. It’s like trying to skip several stages of development.

A case in point is the farcical elections in Afghanistan. The truth is they end up with a President who is just a front man for one of the most powerful war lords. Power resides really with these war lords and their private armies. Afghanistan today reminds me a little of mainland China in the early twentieth century. What they had under the Americans was a sort of ‘March North’ (South in this case by the Northern Alliance not KMT). You will know the history better than I do.


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