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Your DoD; Our Money; No Accountability July 28, 2014

Posted by hslu in Military.
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According to a soon to be released report, 43% of the guns and small fire arms Pentagon sent to Afghanistan security forces can not be located.

The price tag: $626 million.

If you work for a company and some how misplaced $626 million worth of company goods, what will happen to you?

You first get fired and then the company will take you to court. They’ll try everything to find the goods and you probably will go to jail for a long time.

At Pentagon, they’ll issue a report telling whoever cares about this why this is happening. They’ll then declare that they have done everything they could to find out what the problems were and outline what they’ll do to eliminate the possibility of it happening again.

Or they won’t because not many citizens will ever know something like this had ever happened.

Or they will assign someone at the Pentagon to see what can be done to salvage things.

Or they will do this:


Source: Fox News mobile site.

No one will ever go to jail. No one will ever get demoted. No one will ever get his pension cut. No one will ever be accountable for this.

That’s to be expected at any U.S. federal government agency and DoD isn’t going to be different.


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