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美國自顧不暇; 中俄趁虛而入 July 23, 2014

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With American’s Monroe Doctrine formally denounced by none other than American’s own John Kerry, America basically invite others to coming in to his back yard and do whatever it wishes.


Well, with an open invitation like this, China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin gladly took up the opportunity and celebrated the occasion with the formal launch of the New Development Bank and a great tour of the Central and South Americas.


These are some of the headlines of their trips:

  • China, Russia leaders’ tours of South America underscore expanding influence in US back yard
  • China’s Xi goes to South America to break US dominance
    China’s President Xi Jinping signs Venezuela oil deal
  • Chinese leader woos Latin America with deals
  • Xi Jinping’s Latin American trip places trade ahead of ideology
  • Xi Jinping offers to build railway across South America
  • Putin denies reports that Russia plans to reopen spy base in Cuba
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin meets with Fidel Castro in Cuba
  • Putin pledges to help Cuba explore for offshore oil
    Putin signs Argentina nuclear deals on Latin America tour
  • Ortega Celebrates Putin’s Nicaragua Visit as a ‘Ray of Light’
  • Putin’s Latin America trip aims to show Russia is more than just regional power
  • Russia writes off $32 b Cuban debt in show of brotherly love

While all these were going on, Obama the supreme leader of America the super power of the world was busy with:

  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • ISIS
  • Syria
  • Israel
  • Hamas
  • Ukraine
  • Pivot Asia
  • Palestinian
  • Afghanistan
  • Broken Obamacare
  • $17 trillion national debt
  • $700 billion annual deficit
  • Flood of Illegal immigrant children

美國焦頭爛耳, 自顧不暇. 此乃強弩之末之徵兆也.

Well, I did see a piece of news talking about America Navy launched an amphibious assault ship which cost only ~$3 billion to build and will have capacity for 34 aircraft and about 3,000 soldiers. It is called USS America – LHA 6.

Yeah, more battle ship or aircraft carriers the better. Interest rate is low, isn’t it? Why not? The all mighty America needs aircraft carriers to show its strength to Russia’s Putin and China’s Xi.






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