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Cold Wars with China and Russia July 16, 2014

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Snowden told us that America’s NSA has been checking on everyone who is somebody for decades.

Now Russia will do the same to America with their long-forgotten spy bsse in Cuba. Hmmm…, the 2nd chapter of the US-Russia Cold War is about to begin.


Sourceb The Guardian.

Don’t forget that the US started a Cold War with China with America’s ‘Asia Pivot’ when Hillary was working for Obama.

Obama, look what you have done th the United States, the one your wife hasn’t been proud of for 40+ years.

You now have two enemies. Wait, Al Qeada isn’t fond of you. Israel isn’t exactly your friend either. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and a few ithers probably don’t consider you a friend either.

Hmmm…., Obama, where are you going to send your next new air carrier fleet to?

Obama, look what a mess you have gotten America trapped in.


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