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Will they get early retirement seperation packages? July 14, 2014

Posted by hslu in Military.
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When I left the company I had worked for 2 decades because it was bought out by a fierce competitor, I was offered a early retirement seperation package which was tied to my years of service. It made the seperation that much earlier to take.

For the first time I have ever heard of, the Pentagon is giving out pink slips to active duty American soldiers some of them are even serving in Afghanistan now.

Wow, this is really unheard of. The richest country is actually sending their active soldiers packing.


Source: Fox News mobile site.

Hmmm…, will their retirement benefits be cut or will they get a seperation package like I did from my company?

Reason for the headcount reduction?

Simple. America is on its way to a poorhouse but it is riding to the sunset in a American made GM Cadillac with switch, engine and airbag problems. It has been recalled a few times to fix various problems which kept popping up along the way.

What’s funny about the journey is it kept throwing money out of the window yet many other people, including children with no parents, still fighting death and injury to climb into the trunk which is left wide open on purpose.

What a scene!



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